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Belgian Gallery

My background is in publishing. After a successful career as an acquisitions editor, I moved to rural Tennessee, and began a second career as a local reporter, photographer, and web designer. 


I have shown dogs in breed and performance since childhood, specializing in the last 30 years in raising and training Belgian Tervuren under the kennel name du voie de Louve.  

The dogs train and trial in performance areas, and show in the breed ring.  They enjoy exploring mountain lakes and trails. I enjoy photographing and sharing with others their beauty, intelligence, fun, and adventure.  To join the dogs on their favorite trails, visit the Belgian Galeries, arranged by season.  


For information on the dogs in the galeries, see Meet the Dogs. For an illustrated history of du voie de Louve Belgian Tervuren in the ring, see History.

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Lakefront Photo
& Web Design

Lakefront Photo is an off-shoot of my love for animals, 40+ years in the dog fancy, and 20 years as a local reporter, covering natural and community events, sports, news, and festivals.  I focus on dogs in natural or sporting environments, and offer customized website design, and commercial, show, and portrait photography for dogs, cats, kennels, and catteries.  Visit my Portfolio to see some of my client, news and magazine photos.

Meet the Dogs


Meet the dogs in the Belgian Gallery, with whom I've shared my life for the last thirty years.   Clicking on their photos will take you to their pedigrees, in which the dogs' registration numbers are linked to OFA, or similar health records.  I am an AKC Breeder of Merit. I've bred High in Trial, Best in Specialty, Reserve Best in Show, Top Dog, Drug Dog, Trick Dog, Scent Dog, Agility and Herding-titled, Therapy, Search & Rescue, and best-friend Tervuren since 1995.

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