In January, 2020, du voie de Louve moved deeper into the Appalachian Mountains to a lakefront cabin in southern Ohio.  The dogs are enjoying their new home.  They continue to hike and swim daily, train and trial in performance areas, and show in the breed ring, and have added boating to their repertoire. I enjoy photographing and sharing with others their beauty, intelligence, fun, and adventure.


To join the dogs on their favorite new and old trails, visit the Belgian Gallery. For an illustrated history of du voie de Louve Belgian Tervuren in the ring, see 1991-2019.  For health and pedigree information, see Meet the Dogs.


I have shared my life with Belgian Tervuren for 28 years. I've been a member of the national breed club, and co-founded two regional clubs. I am an AKC Breeder of Merit.  I've bred High in Trial, Best in Specialty, Reserve Best in Show, Top Dog, Drug Dog, Trick Dog, Scent Dog, Agility and Herding titled, Therapy, Search & Rescue, and best friend Tervuren since 1995.   

Meet the Dogs

For photos, pedigrees, progeny, health, and other information on du voie de Louve Belgian Tervuren, see Meet the Dogs.

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