Photo & Web Design

My background is in publishing. After a successful career as an acquisitions editor, I moved to rural Appalachia, and began a second career as a photojournalist, and web designer. I have shown dogs in breed and performance since childhood, specializing in the last 30 years in raising and training Belgian Tervuren under the kennel name du voie de Louve.


Studio D is an off-shoot of my love for animals. I focus on dogs in natural or sporting environments, and offer customized website design, and commercial, show, and portrait photography for dogs and other domestic animals.  After nearly two decades as a local reporter, people, festivals, community events, and school sports also are in my wheelhouse.

Rates & Services

For photos, I charge from between $25. to $50. per session.  The rate includes password-protected online proofing galeries, and digital images of any size at no additional cost.   For website design and management, I charge a $250. flat rate, and $100. per year for maintenance. The rate includes content, research, editing, holiday pages, updates, and full regular maintenance.   Photo research is included.  Commissioned photos are charged separately, as are the annual, third-party costs of domain registration, and website hosting.  

Photo Sessions

Photo Sessions may be arranged on-site at du voie de Louve, or on location. Boarding is available for owners who want on-site photos. While here, dogs can swim, hike, hang out on the couch, or take advantage of training and handling to an AKC performance title or breed championship. 



T- 615 561-9760

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